Bring It Home


We all have our sweet spots.  The places we’ve been 100 times or sometimes just once for dinner.  We love them because of the food but we also love them because of the feeling.  The above picture was taken outside of the Oregon Club in Ashland, MA.  It was opened in 1922 as the Briasco Inn and also functioned as a speakeasy.  The interior has not been updated since and the outside seating is a collection of mismatched patio furniture and blankets for after the sun goes down.  The steaks are perfection.  We spent hours at that patio table reminiscing, enjoying spectacular food and draped in wool blankets as the chill of the New England evening air started to bite.  Food has an emotional connection.  A connection sparked by a familiar smile or a history being preserved or the laughter shared at a table with one of your oldest friends.  It’s being a part of something that you long for over and over again.

I want to recognize those places that create those emotions.  I want to recognize the people who pour their heart and soul onto your plate shortly after you place your order.  Those who work weekends and nights to put their passion on that same plate, so you feel at home.  Those who preserve the memories and the history that needs to be preserved.  Then, I want you to be able to re-create that magic in your own kitchen in some small way.  A way to stay connected even when you aren’t at table 6.  A way to test your culinary skill and compare notes the next time you are in for dinner service.

Sound good?  Well, then, welcome to Bring It Home.  I’m going to profile local spots (and maybe some remote) and share a secret or two.  My hope is to further connect our community with food!  Have a suggestion?  Send it to me at, or tweet it @bakevintage OR hit me on Facebook!  Bon Apetit!