The Table and The Garden


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There’s a reason you will find two framed Talulah’s Table menus hanging in my kitchen.  I have dined there several times both in the kitchen and at the farm table, and each time is exquisite yet casual perfection.  When you are one of the 12 lucky people dining at the single nightly seating, you know it.  And if you are seated in the kitchen, you not only experience the food, but you experience it’s preparation and play-by-play from Chef Scott Megill, who welcomes you to stand next to him and ask questions if you’d like.  And we did. 🙂

And while I didn’t expect the same 3-hour dining experience when walking through the doors of Talulah’s Garden, I was excited to see what the Table’s sister had in store.

The entrance was found just beyond the door to the garden, if it wasn’t for the chilly temps, we would have grabbed an outside seat.  Without a reservation, there were no tables available in the restaurant, but my husband and I are always giddy to take a seat at the bar when we are sans kids.  It’s like taking a step back into our pre-children days when we took bar seats for granted.

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We were greeted by a delightful bartender as we took our seats and I immediately started soaking in the atmosphere before deciding on my morning cocktail.  I’m going to coin my own descriptive phrase and label the decor as sophisticated whimsy.  Colored glass and  clever details create a calculated simplicity.  It’s the stuff that the Anthropologie buyers are inspired by.

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We started with Bloody’s and I went with the spicy “butcher” (seen in the photo above).  Instead of just adding extra horseradish, it’s extra spice comes from house-infused serrano vodka.  It will make your eyes water in the best way possible, so go traditional if you can’t handle the heat.

Next, I ordered the fried duck pie.  If there is anything on a menu that includes duck, I’m probably going to order it, and I’m so glad I stuck with tradition on this one.  This duck confit turnover was sweet and savory at its finest.   And I don’t care what anyone says about foie gras and it’s level of pretention, when a tiny dish of foie gras maple syrup is placed in front you, you’ll be hard pressed not to lick every last drop out of said teeny bowl.  The aforementioned syrup is not pictured here because I was drinking it as I was taking the pic.  (Just kidding, but I wanted to.  For real.)

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I decided on the savory breakfast strudel for my main dish.  The portion was really large so half of it went home with me.   I always love  a restaurant that sources local ingredients and the Talulah’s is infamous for doing just that.  I’m a veggy lover and this dish did a great job of combining fresh and earthy and hearty and savory and cheese, yummy, melty fontina cheese.

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In true Amy Olexy fashion, the Garden, like the Table, showcases food that is filled with lots of delicious ingredients and lots of love.  Next time, I plan to sit in the garden when it’s just a few degrees warmer.  Look at the pictures and you’ll know why.

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Pictured below is an actual working fountain. So fun.



While we did see Amy in the restaurant while we were dining (always refreshing to see that presence), I wasn’t able to talk with her about sharing a recipe.  I was able to find a video for mushroom bruschetta that I shared below.  I live 20 miles away from The Mushroom Capitol of The World!!!!  You have no idea how big of a deal that is unless you live in Chester County, PA.  I will share with you, in the fall, a post about the world of mushroom magic and glory also known as Kennett Square Mushroom Festival.  Kennett is where Talulah’s Table is located and it only seemed appropriate that something mushroom themed be included here.