The Start of A Gluten-Free Adventure!

I have to say that gluten-free baking is no small feat.

Challenge #1 Cupcakes!

I’m happy to report that today’s creation was not a terrible disaster!  Gotta start somewhere, right?  I was happy with the flavor, I was ok with with the texture.  They need to be a little lighter and less dense and I could taste a little bit of the infamous grit that you can find in gluten-free baked goods.

HERE is the recipe I used to get started and I’ve detailed my progress and some anticipated changes for next time.

There are quite a few ingredients that are necessary for gluten-free baking as you can see.  This was my first time working with potato starch, white rice flour, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum.


You’ll see in the recipe that you need to whip your egg whites to soft peaks.


After you add the sugar, you need to whip to stiff (not dry) peaks.


There was a lot of whipping in my kitchen today.  Like, over 30 minutes of whipping.  Eggs were taking their sweet old time, kids were getting annoyed with loud mixer noises, and after adding butter I ended up with a bit of a cottage cheese texture that I was hoping would fluff up but it didn’t.


Next time, I think I will just make a version of swiss meringue buttercream and then mix everything else into it.

I’m also going to try mixing dry and wet ingredients and letting them sit for awhile next time.  I’ve heard this helps reduce the grit factor.  And it’s always a good idea to decrease your grit factor, in my opinion.

After all ingredients were added (including a tsp of vanilla that was not in the original recipe), this is what the batter looked like and it smelled good, which is always a good thing 🙂


Into the 350F oven for 15 minutes (probably should have left them in for additional 3-5 more.


Now I just need to decide how to frost them.  Given the extra sweet flavor, I’m going to get creative with this one.

And the adventure continues!


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