May the cake be with you…


I decided to post this cake because of how much I love this birthday boy.  His mom, who is also a dear friend, asked for a science cake and given the fact that I’m not experienced with making cakes do things like smoke and explode, I could not find anything within my ability that was exciting enough for my standards.

But I did find R2D2 and I couldn’t resist.  I got the approval to do a Star Wars cake from mom and off I went.  It’s always fun doing cakes for friends.  Little do they know, they are serving as my guinea pigs of creativity.  I get to take chances and try things knowing that my friends love me no matter what their cake looks like.  Those creative chances sometimes end up in the garbage and sometimes end up being amazing.

Meet R2D2…cake style.  This guy was so much fun to make, I just wish I could have made him talk!


I used several online pictures to capture as much detail as I could within the time frame I had to make the cake.  I would have loved to avoid using the pan underneath for support, but I that damn time thing got me again and constructing a base was just not in the cards.  Once again thankful that this cake was for a friend who was thrilled.  Cake pan or not.  I also have to give props to my husband for this accomplishment.  He is often the one who saves me from the panic button.  This is the point at which the clock is running out and I realize that there is a potential flaw that could result in a huge waste of time and money.  The panic button is usually engaged due to complete exhaustion due to lack of sleep on my part and a level of brain blank that is miles beyond mommy brain.  His wheels start turning as I look at him with desperation and he snaps into problem-solving mode and just fixes stuff.  Because of him, I look like this delivering a cake.  Smile, hair up, and happy!


The only thing better than the cake was this birthday face!  Makes me happy, it does…



I’m off to blog about diabetes and running now…I  have a lot of cards in my deck, people.  Check out if you want to see how I work off the buttercream!

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